Optimize and simplify communications with your employees. Use LogikHR’s functionalities in order to: communicate via email with your employees, distribute documents and make sure that your employees have consulted these documents.



Manage emails sent to your employees.



Create surveys in order to collect information.

Phone and SMS


Automate SMS alerts or phone calls.

Messages System


Make sure to inform your employees in case of emergency.

Digital Display


Share the good news on screen.



Personalize your email templates.


Add sparkle to your messages using our digital display module for dynamic presentation of the latest news from your business. Display birthdays, good shots of the week and group activities online.

Use our e-mail sending module to send memos, and view statistics on who’s reading your mail.
Use our survey module to ask information from your employees. All the answers are automatically attached to the employee’s record, allowing you to use our research module to group or separate your employees according to their responses to one or more surveys.
Configure LogikHR to automate SMS alerts or call-back lists.
* per call fees apply to SMS and phone calls.