Our hiring and candidates module allows integrating more easily your new employees in the company. Keep track of the candidates that applied on a position and evaluate their skills to identify the best match for the job.

Verification list


Create verification lists when hiring not to forget anything.

Candidate Record


Keep your candidates’ information.



Evaluate the skills of your candidates according to the position.

Candidates comparison


Compare candidates for a position according to their skills.

Job description


Define the purpose of your job titles.

Job posting


Post your job offers quickly and easily.

Hiring and candidates

Keep your candidates’ information on record. No more need to consult physical C.V’s. When you find the ideal candidate, simply convert their candidate record into an employee record.

Define the purpose of your job titles and associate them to different skills required for the job. Display quickly and simply the available positions on your website.
Comparing candidate for a position has never been this simple. Select the candidates that you wish to compare and our graphic reports will present you the strengths of each candidate.
Simplify candidates’ selection: evaluate their skills in order to produce a complete portrait of the individual and compare strengths with other candidates.