Our timesheets and expenses module allows your employees to enter their activities and expenditures in order to pass this information to your accounting or ERP system. Our web module allows remote access at all times to data entry forms.



Use a simple and friendly interface to create your time entries quickly.



Activate the approval of timesheets and expenses.



Enter your expenses and disbursements for your client/project.

Expenses account


Group your expenditures to produce your expenses account.

Client / Project


Manage your clients and your projects.



Synchronize with third party systems.

Timesheets and expenses

Enter time quickly, associate charges to a client/project, and select an activity code. Consult real time statistics on your clients/projects including receivables and chargeable amounts.

Our expenses form allows employees to input their expenses by associating a client/project. Use a disbursement code to categorize your expenses. Our system takes charge of taxes for all Canadian provinces.
A simple interface allows you to create your expenses account. Once you enter your expenses in LogikHR, use our expenses account module to produce and submit your report to your supervisor.
LogikHR offers up to two levels of approval for your timesheets and expenses accounts.