Our core human resources module has an extended employee record that allows you to bring
together all the employees’ informations in one secure and accessible folder no matter where you
are. Here are some functionalities of our core human resources.

Employee file


Manage your employees’ files electronically.

Work Schedule


Flexible work week schedules over many weeks.

Positions History


Consult the positions’ history including past employees names and salaries.

Offices and Departments


Group your employees in offices, departments and teamworks.

Work experience


Consult the employee’s work experience.



Add all notes and/or commentaries that you wish to have on the employee’s



Attach electronically all relevant documents to the employee’s file.

Talents pool


Categorize all employees according to their talents and aptitudes.



Identify your employees’ skills.



Configure the employee’s supervisors, depending on demands.



Keep track of relevant information on your employee’s moves.

Goals and objectives


Define and assign goals and objectives to your employees.

Development plans


Plan the next steps for your employees’ developments.



Consult your employees’ evaluations history.



Keep track of the assets your employees have in their possession.



Documenting workplace injuries.

Disciplinary measures


Do follow-ups on your employees’ misconducts.

Medical notes


Medical notes’ history following prolonged absences.

Core Human Resources

Manage your employee’s file electronically; avoid looking for documents in archival boxes and/or moving your confidential documents manually. Your entire database will be secured and accessible to you no matter where you are in the world.

Keep track of what assets your employees have in their possession. Generate a report to rapidly consult the list of assets outstanding. Consult this list when the employee leaves.
Configure an unlimited number or supervisors for each employee. Select the type of demands that this supervisor has to approve and/or consult.
Configure LogikHR to automatically send email to request a medical note if an employee is absent for a number of consecutive days. Use the medical note report to follow up on employee. Send reminders to employee by email.