Evaluate your employees’ performance with our evaluation module. The evaluation of your employees is important in a competitive environment.

Goals and Objectives


Assign goals and objectives to your employees and evaluate them.



Use the skills related to the employee’s position to carry out the evaluation.

Electronical Evaluation


No paper, 100% electronical, quick and simple



Enrich your evaluations with personalised questions.

Multiple Evaluators


Auto-evaluation and co-workers evaluations.

Evaluation History


The history of evaluations allows you to keep track of your employees’ path.

Employees’ Evaluation

Manage the entire evaluation process online. All the information is automatically attached to the employee’s file. Auto-evaluation or co-worker evaluation, one or more evaluations per year are available options.

Assign goals and objectives to your employee and use them in your evaluation. Understand why objectives are met or not.
Do your evaluations according to the skills related to the employee’s position, evaluate each of your employee’s skill and compare in time to detect improvement or loss of performance.
Enrich your evaluations with our survey module, ask the questions you want to your employees and see the results afterwards.