Our time and attendance module allows employees to enter their absence requests, vacation and time worked. Employees can consult the status of their requests and the balance of their credit hours at all times.

Absence requests


Do follow-up on your absence requests.

Vacation requests


Manage effectively you vacation period.

Time worked requests


Follow closely your employees over-time.

Enter / Exit


Use our enter / exit module to manage time more precisely.

Required replacement


Manage your replacements’ lists.



Configure the levels of approbation required for requests.

Time and attendance

Your employees have access to their requests and bank hours at all times from LogikHR’s dashboard. Your employees are responsible for doing their own requests in the system, reducing human resource’s workload.

Our enter/exit module allow you to manage the hours your employees come in and walk out. The extra hours or the lack of hours is applied to one or many bank hours. The attendance list allows the other employees to know who is at the office, absent or on vacation.
LogikHR offers two levels of approval for requests, supervisors and HR. You can configure as many supervisors as you want and specify what type of request they can approve or not.
Your employees can indicate in their request if a replacement is required in their absence. The supervisors can modify the information during approval. A list of required replacements is available for Human Resources’ managers.