LogikHR is the complete solution for human resources management. It contains all the
tools you need to benefit fully from your human resources in one application. This
program was developed in Quebec.


Human Resources Management

For many companies, human resources will generate considerable expenses and also
constitute important investments. Often, human resources management are taken
care of with outdated systems that do not offer the necessary tools to take advantage
of your richest asset: your employees.

LogikHR offers you the tools in a simple and user friendly interface. Our human
resources management module is the corner stone of the solution. LogikHR is
designed to empower employees with an efficient tool to fill their timesheets while
getting feedback from their supervisors.

HR Management

Workplace Absenteeism

Our time and attendance module allows a better management of the employees’
hours and all vacation requests leave of absences, holidays. LogikHR’s flexibility allows
you to incorporate your business politics and different rules easily, while managing
the work hours. The entry/exit module is also available for a close and detailed follow-
up of your employees’ hours.

Workplace Absenteeism

Timesheets and expenses accounts

Create your timesheets using LogikHR! Our timesheet module allows you to enter
your timesheets in the system easily and rapidly. No matter if you are at the office or
on the road, at your office desk computer or on your tablet, you can always fill you


Our expenses module allows your employees to submit electronically their expenses
to their supervisors for approval. You may export the information in your accounting
system once the process of approval is completed.

Expense accounts

Hiring and analysis of candidates

LogikHR allows you to define your job titles and keep candidates’ applications on open
positions. Analyze the candidates by their skills and let LogikHR help you select the
best matching candidate for the job.

Welcome and integrate your employees successfully. Our hiring module allows you to
plan the integration of your new employees by offering them the information they
need to start their new job.


Employees’ evaluation

Use our evaluation module to evaluate the goals and objectives that you set for your
employees and/or the skills related to their job descriptions.

You can also perform a 360 evaluation of your employees and consult the history of
past evaluations in order to analyze their performances over several years.

Employees’ evaluation


Consult the information that you need using our report module.

Control Panel

Be informed in one sight with our customizable control panel.

Business Intelligence

Configure and customize LogikHR to meet your business rules.


Integrate other external products with LogikHR to benefit from its full potential.